The Risk Register Template Excel (Risk Management) is a great template to use if you want to implement a standardised risk management process into your Project Management Office (PMO).

Most importantly the template allows for both negative and positive risks, aka threats and opportunities. Template can produce a pdf report that can be used as a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for your project. This reporting makes it easier for you and your team to drive risk reduction and exploit opportunity.

You can use the Excel sheet risk register to review risks or use the Data Input form to review, respond and raise new risks.

This Risk Register Template Excel has been in use for some time now by a number of users and has proven effective in raising an understanding of risk and opportunity management. If you need any guidance on any of the functionality please do get in touch.

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Please note:

This is a macro enabled workbook (.xlsm) and will require content and macros to be enabled on first opening. This is done easily by clicking the prompts at the top of Excel.  This is an Excel file template and must be opened with your own copy of the Microsoft Excel application.  Lakes Projects are in no way responsible for any loss of data or IT issues that result from using this template – By downloading this template you accept these terms of use.