How to make a spreadsheet in Excel (The Build)

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In this video I show you how I would typically go about building a new Excel spreadsheet template.

I talk through the below Excel functionality – feel free to skip to any part of the video you’d find most helpful:

0:50 – setting out the main table

2:00 – automatically create task no. (IF function)

3:30 – creating a drop down menu (Data Validation)

5:33 – creating a ‘time lapsed’ formula (IF function and NETWORKDAYS)

6:43 – creating a ‘status’ formula (IF function)

8:43 – conditional formatting the ‘status’

11:07 – creating a ‘donut’ chart (COUNTIF and COUNTA functions)

15:14 – creating the pivot chart (Pivot Table and Pivot Chart)

19:27 – setting up the dashboard

21:40 – conditional formatting the ‘time lapsed’ (AND function)

If you want to see how I designed this example spreadsheet then please check out Part 1 (The Design):

Download link for the Excel spreadsheet template I created in this video:…


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