Document Control Template Excel (Automated Transmittal Register)


This is a fully automated document transmittal system – you can index, compress, record and send many files in minutes – it is great for document control, contract management and project management.

PDF records and Outlook emailing – One click and your files are zipped and attached to an Outlook email with a PDF cover sheet.

One register and saved records – this system creates a Windows directory and saves each transmittal automatically for your records, whilst adding the details of the transmittal to it’s transmittal register – This means no more trawling through individuals mailbox to find proof

Add your company branding – attach a logo to your transmittal sheets

See our video demo below.



Video Demo:

Key Features:

  • Tested using Windows 10 and Microsoft Excel 2016
  • Programmed in Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic for Applications
  • Integrates with Microsoft Outlook.
  • Uses Windows Explorer, to browse and create directories as well as save records.
  • Auto-creates a Project Directory.
  • Allows for Administrator Access.
  • Creates PDF Transmittal Cover Sheets.
  • Compresses Documents into Compressed Zip file.
  • Creates Outlook Email with PDF and Zip file attachments.
  • Auto-Populates a Transmittal Register.
  • Keeps a log of all transmitted files in the created Project Directory.
  • Add a prefix to your transmittal number system, e.g. 12345-TNX-0001 from the Settings Tab.
  • Select a company logo to add to the top of the Transmittal Cover Sheet from the Settings Tab – must be either .png, .jpeg, .jpg format.
  • Change your ‘Issue Reasons’ from the Settings Tab.
  • Set row autofit and sheet zoom from the Settings Tab.

Please note these terms and conditions:

  • This is a macro enabled workbook (.xlsm) and will require content and macros to be enabled on first opening. This is done easily by clicking the prompts at the top of Excel. 
  • This template has only been tested using Windows 10 and Microsoft Excel 2016.
  • This is an Excel file template and must be opened with your own copy of the Microsoft Excel application. 
  • Lakes Projects are in no way responsible for any loss of data or IT issues that result from using this template. 
  • As this is a downloadable product you waiver the 14 day right to cancel.
  • This is an instant download.

By continuing with this purchase you accept these terms and conditions.


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