Action Tracker Template Excel (Task Tracker) PREMIUM


PDF Records & Outlook Emailing – communicating your teams activity is made very easy, just click and a PDF of the tracker is recorded and attached to an Outlook email ready to send.

Automatic Status & KANBAN Filters – with a little information the tracker works out a status.  Your team can then prioritise and focus their effort using the clickable KANBAN filters.

Configurable – change fields… status terminology… set an administrator… You can do all of this plus more from the Admin Tab. Most importantly, all of the passwords are provided for you to customise as you wish with the added benefit of being able to view, edit and re-use the background VB code.

See this action tracker template being used in our video demo below.


Video Demo:

Key Features of this action tracker template :

  • Comes with worksheet and VBA passwords for you to unprotect.
  • Two templates included in the download so you can pick between two column layouts.
  • Status text can be edited from the Admin Tab.
  • New ‘On Hold’ field, status and Kanban chart.
  • Two New drop down fields that can be edited, enabled and disabled on the Admin Tab.
  • A New additional free text field that can be edited, enabled and disabled on the Admin Tab.
  • New setting on Admin Tab to change worksheet zoom % across all sheets.
  • New PDF & Email (Outlook) functionality – setup in the Admin Tab with a built-in Windows browser create a save directory and then activated each time from a button on the Tracker.  This functionality can be used to PDF your tracker, save as a record and issue out to your team as a regular update.
  • Tested using Windows 10 and Microsoft Excel 2016.
  • Programmed in Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic for Applications.
  • Integrates with Microsoft Outlook.

Please note these terms and conditions:

  • This is a macro enabled workbook (.xlsm) and will require content and macros to be enabled on first opening. This is done easily by clicking the prompts at the top of Excel. 
  • This template has only been tested using Windows 10 and Microsoft Excel 2016.
  • This is an Excel file template and must be opened with your own copy of the Microsoft Excel application. 
  • Lakes Projects are in no way responsible for any loss of data or IT issues that result from using this template. 
  • As this is a downloadable product you waiver the 14 day right to cancel.
  • This is an instant download.

By continuing with this purchase you accept these terms and conditions.


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