Excel Action Tracker Template v1 (Editable Headers) FREE

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editable action tracker

This Excel action tracker template can be used as both action tracker and task tracker. Log and track actions and tasks easily with automatic status and priorities. It was designed to look as ‘clean’ as possible, with basic formatting, so that it is print friendly and can fit in with your other project reports / documentation.

The headers fields are left unprotected so that you can customise with your own field names / terms.

The big advantage of this Excel action tracker template is that it comes with built in metrics that can be used as Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for your team. The KPI tab has a summary table with some key data and has two charts; chart 1 showing the action close out performance of the team, chart 2 showing cumulative work load. The charts are setup to display stats over a 52 week period. As we change over into a new year, the previous years stats will stack up on week 1.

This version of the action tracker template has been in use for some time now by a fair few people and still going strong. If you have any queries around it’s functionality then please get in touch and I’d be happy to talk you through.

If you want to modify this template or view, edit and re-use the code in this template, you can purchase the passwords here.

Alternatively, check out my Premium Action Tracker which comes with all passwords to unlock the template as well as the most frequently requested modifications: new options to add additional fields, set sheet zoom and row autofit, change status text and setup PDF records and emailing.

Please note:

This is a macro enabled workbook (.xlsm) and will require content and macros to be enabled on first opening. This is done easily by clicking the prompts at the top of Excel.  This is an Excel file template and must be opened with your own copy of the Microsoft Excel application.  Lakes Projects are in no way responsible for any loss of data or IT issues that result from using this template – By downloading this template you accept these terms of use.