Action Tracker Template Excel (with Charts) FREE

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The Action Tracker Template Excel (with Charts) has been refined from the Action Tracker Template Excel (Task Tracker) for use on a laptop screen.  This template comes with the additional feature of automatic KPI’s / Performance Charts that can be used for your team to track on-time close out of actions and trend actions being raised vs actions being closed out – this can help with planning resources.

See it in action…

If you want to modify this template or view, edit and re-use the code in this template, you can purchase the passwords here.

Key Features:

Push button adding of new actions, automatically formatting and updating the tracking list and prominent header charts – works great as a project status tracking template;

Automatically gives a status to an action based on the information you enter;

Can setup Administrators to help with doc control, controlling updates to drop-down menus and deleting erroneous actions;

KPI’s tab with performance charts for team performance tracking;

Formatted to be printer friendly and view well on small and large monitors;

Bespoke search bars for filtering and sort icons with standard column data filters hidden.

There is a guide available for the Action Tracker Template Excel (with Charts) which also covers our other Action Trackers available to download on  Click here to download the guide.

Please note:

This is a macro enabled workbook (.xlsm) and will require content and macros to be enabled on first opening. This is done easily by clicking the prompts at the top of Excel.  This is an Excel file template and must be opened with your own copy of the Microsoft Excel application.  Lakes Projects are in no way responsible for any loss of data or IT issues that result from using this template – By downloading this template you accept these terms of use.

Alternatively, check out my Premium Action Tracker which comes with all passwords to unlock the template as well as the most frequently requested modifications: new options to add additional fields, set sheet zoom and row autofit, change status text and setup PDF records and emailing.